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Quick Silver

Dark Powers from the distant past are searching for Wolfie, Tala and Zi’ib…

Wolfie Brown, Tala Bean and Zi’ib Bakri live continents apart, but their destiny lies in a rundown London suburb. The mysterious force of ancient ley lines brings them to Thornham to fulfil a prophecy written in prehistory. As they fight their faceless enemies, they discover why their parents have vanished and learn the chilling truth of who they really are…

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Years ago I worked on a TV series called House Detectives where a team of archaeologists armed with old maps, tape measures, picks and shovels would descend on an ordinary family home and try to trace its history as far back in time as they could. It was amazing what they found. Even houses that were no more than fifty or sixty years old might stand on a plot of land marked by a bronze age boundary or a family might discover that the old outhouse where dad stored his tools was in fact a medieval cow byre. Wonky window frames, uneven lines of brickwork and strange place names were all clues to the hidden history of the houses we filmed.

The series got me thinking about the lost worlds that lie beneath our modern burger bars and backstreets and spawned the idea for Quicksilver.


Chapter One Extract

“Wolfie Brown awoke to the familiar smell of burnt toast and the grim prospect of delivering papers in the rain. No lightning flashed, no strange shadows played across his bedroom walls and no ghostly voices drifted through the floorboards. In fact, there was nothing to give him the slightest hint that this drizzly October Thursday had been awaited for a thousand years.”

Download: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four

“A superbly constructed and vividly depicted tale of ley lines, anceint prophecies, interplanetary communication and a dog called Elvis……This is a superbly absorbing old fashioned thriller….”

The Telegraph

“It would be glib but not inaccurate to describe Quicksilver as “Dan Brown for younger readers.” The plot involves the search for lost knowledge, the unravelling of clues and coded conundrums and, at the heart of it all, a mystery that mingles parascience with historical conspiracy.

Wolfie, Tala and Zi’ib, three twelve year olds from different countries, all have fathers who inexplicably disappeared. Using their wits and brains, and aided unwittingly by an eccentric old researcher, they discover powers relating to the nexus of ley lines that underlies the area. Smart Entertainment Deftly Done.”

James Lovegrove, Financial Times

“..if you love stone circles, planetary alignments, Atlantis myths and ancient history, then curl up with Quicksilver.”

Amanda Craig, The Times Online

“This is an outstanding read which will have every reader gripped to the end. I give this book five out of five – a great ending with lots to keep the reader entertained. I am looking forward to the next book by this exciting new author.”

Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

“I was genuinely sad when this book ended; it felt real to me and I was gripped…”

“Told at a cracking pace…”

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